How do you as a patient benefit from

Your advantages as a patient:

– High-quality dentures at top conditions.
– Guaranteed, certified quality in material and workmanship.
– Consultation, treatment and service in Germany.
– Cooperation with your dentist.
– Fast and uncomplicated processes.
– A significantly cheaper second offer than the present cost estimate requires.
– Time-consuming and strenuous visits to the dentist are a thing of the past.

No more dental tourism:
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in so-called dental tourism. This is why more and more dental clinics from abroad are recruiting in
the German media. However, for you as a patient, treatment abroad often involves additional travel costs and a great deal of time. For patients who would like to stay in treatment with a dentist they trust, a foreign dental prosthesis from is therefore a good alternative.

Instead of going abroad yourself, simply use our inexpensive
Dental prosthesis from abroad and continue your dental treatment in the familiar practice of your local dentist. This way you get high quality at a reasonable price.

Save costs:
The decision for a certain dental treatment is also always based on
the question of the costs involved. You benefit from our significantly lower wage and structural costs. This significantly reduces your total bill for dental treatment. You do not need a bonus booklet or supplementary insurance. With our tooth replacement financing you can easily and conveniently finance your own contribution or additional payments.

Quality guarantee:
We rely on experienced dental technicians for the production of dental prostheses.
Master craftsmen from Germany and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, so that both you and your dentist will always be completely satisfied with the dental prosthesis quality.

We use only high-quality materials approved in Germany and used in German dental laboratories for the production of dental prostheses. All materials are CE-certified and comply with the requirements of the Medical Devices Act. This means security for you. Because only the best materials are used for your dentures.

Our elaborate quality management ensures that only faultless dentures are delivered. The initial inspection takes place in the dental practice, followed by the production control in our laboratory by experienced German master dental technicians and finally a final inspection before delivery to the dentist.

Benefit from our special offer:
We contact dentists from your immediate vicinity for you without incurring any costs for our agency services!

Our tips for your dentures:
Ask your dentist to draw up a treatment cost plan and compare our offers.

Our service for you:
A reliable and fast repair service as well as 5 years warranty (this is 3 years more than required by law!)

As a manufacturer of dental medical products, we not only provide you with valuable information on the subject of dental prostheses. We also prepare your medical cost plan free of charge and take care of the most favourable offer. This saves you money! Stay on the safe side and secure yourself a favourable price for your new teeth.



What kind of dentures does zahnersatz manufacture?

In principle, zahnersatz manufactures fixed, removable and implant-supported dentures. Using intraoral scans, combined with CAD/CAM design and 3D printing technology, we produce custom-fit crowns, bridges, models, etc. Inlays, onlays, partial crowns, crowns and bridges are all fixed dentures. When we talk about a prosthesis, we usually mean removable dentures, such as a clasp prosthesis or a complete prosthesis. Also available is a combined prosthesis consisting of a fixed and a removable part.

Which dentures suit me?

Complete dentures are fitted when there are no more teeth in the entire upper or lower jaw that can be used as holding and fixing points for dentures. Partial dentures and bridges require stable abutment teeth and the insertion of dental implants requires sufficient healthy bone mass. So if it is foreseeable that further teeth will be lost, dentists often recommend the following during the transitional period

Partial dentures. Patients who are not satisfied with standard care can switch to variants such as the attachment or telescopic prosthesis. These can also be removed, but they are firmly attached when worn and are therefore the clearly better, albeit again more expensive solution.

If only single or few teeth have to be replaced, the restoration with fixed dentures is usually the first choice. This is more comfortable to wear than prostheses, but costs more, since the fixed subsidies of the health insurance companies depend on the standard care. This means that according to the dentist’s findings and cost plan an inexpensive standard solution is subsidized.

Due to the high proportion of esthetically high quality dental prostheses the decision for many patients is above all a question of cost. Talk to your dentist about the treatment alternative with dentures from

Can I afford my new denture?

Yes, the Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV) informs patients about types of dental prostheses, the costs of dental prostheses treatment and how these can be reduced.

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